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A word from our clients

No regrets that we selected this AntiSpam solution 

We've just passed the 6 year anniversary with this vendor with no regrets that we selected this AntiSpam solution. The product is great, and Mayflower's customer service and technical support is even greater. For the first 5 years we hosted this on our own servers and as of April 2010, we now send eMail for over 70 of our domains through their 'hosted service'. They filter out what we would have deleted anyway, and it's lightened the load on our servers, and reduced the bandwidth required for inbound SMTP. An excellent feature to flatten our the inbound mail which was growing geometrically!

Why can't all products have Customer Service like this? 

Spam Sentinel is the only anti spam software I have used, so as an actual product I have little to compare it with. It actually does what it says on the tin (web site) with very few problems, so it gives me no reason to think about change.
What really influences me in its continuing use is the Customer Service. The customer interaction with Mayflower is far and beyond anything I have experienced before. 

The key is, I believe, that the team are extremely proactive. It's as if they are keeping an eye on things alongside you. Any query is answered and resolved very quickly and in a positive and personal manner too. To me they feel as if they really care (which they probably do). 
Their Customer Service sets the benchmark against which I compare other companies to. With few exceptions(I have to mention Citrix as being an exception)I find that a great number of companies have a lot of catching up to do and should seek to aspire to the levels of service that Mayflower give.  So keep up the good work Mayflower - you should be proud of yourselves (however  don't go resting on your laurels now)    


Great Product even better Company 

We have used SS for years and it is GREAT! The product has worked flawlessly for us.  The only thing better is the cusotmer and technical support.  If every supplier was like MayFlower how much easier our life wold be


Impeccable software + Impeccable customer service 

I have owned and operated a small IT firm for almost two decades.  We have gone through lots of products and lots of cies within that time (not talking just anti-spam tools here but rather all IT products and services).  The best way to sum up how we feel about Maysoft (makers of SpamSentinel) is by saying this : One of the things we do to improve our own practices is to take note and emulate the practices of companies that we feel are truly exceptional.  We don't have many logged as role models yet Maysoft is one of them.  I think that says it all.

On a technical note : SpamSentinel's approach to Spam (by using a Spam fighting community of people called SpamNet and not just relying on technical algorithms) is much wiser and yields much better results and absence of false positives than almost any other spam fighting tool.


Top Notch Product with even better support!! 

Spam Sentinel is an easy to use product and it has made my life  a lot easier.  It is powerful, feature rich and just works.   Better yet, the support staff is easy to reach, unbelievably responsive and definitely knows their stuff.    
This is one of the best purchases we have ever made.  No regrets at all.



The Best Product of it's Type on the Market 

I can't say enough about SpamSentinel! From the product itself to the support no other can compare. Anytime I have contacted support the response for instantaneous and professional. I highly recommend Maysoft and SpamSentinel to anyone looking for this type of solution. Keep up the good work Maysoft!

Unbeatable customer support 

Another oustanding show of customer support Thanks to the team at Maysoft for making our Lotus Notes transition from an I-Series to an Intel platform seamless. No lost mail you guys and gals ROCK!! This company maintains the highest level of support. The product is amazing.