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SpamSentinel for Exchange

Working as part of your transport layer, our anti-spam/anti-virus solution works with your Exchange server to stop spam and viruses. SpamSentinel for Exchange honors your existing allow and deny lists created in Exchange.

SpamSentinel for Domino

Stopping spam and viruses for Domino servers. Our combination of great products and great support guarantees clean email. Combined with our MacroKiller software, you will not have to worry about CryptoLocker viruses infections from Word and Excel macro viruses.

SpamSentinel Hosted MX Redirect

SpamSentinel Hosted MX Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus solution is platform independent and can filter for any messaging system.  Simply pointing your domains mx records will filter 99.6% percent of your Spam and all of your viruses.

Polaris in Mexico

Lotusphere 2011 was a great opportunity for us to reconnect with our resellers in person. Here is a visit with Roberto Pulido, CEO of Polaris in Mexico, a SpamSentinel reseller.

Announcing the release of SpamSentinel version 7.7

We are pleased to announce the upcoming
release of SpamSentinel version 7.7!  

New service "SpamSentinel Reputation" available for beta testing

We are testing on all of our internal
SMTP servers a new service called SpamSentinel Reputation. It is
designed to stop about 60% of traffic at HELO, reducing bandwidth and server
CPU utilization significantly. It is mostly designed to immediately stop
"zombie" computers, which send 100% spam. This means there will

Good news for Reporter Problems

Good news... we have found the problem
and shared it with IBM.

SpamSentinel for 64 Bit Domino

I now know why 64 bit Domino is gaining
in popularity. It really gives Domino access to so many more memory resources.
Performance is not limited by the old 2 gig RAM barrier for applications.

Admin 2008

We just got back from Admin 2008.  It
was a great show.  We are happy to see the thriving Lotus Notes and
Domino community.  Kudos for nice job go to
for putting this together.  We


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