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I Just Got Whacked with 440 Backscatter Emails Overnight!

So I opened up my Inbox this morning
and found 4 backscatter messages.   2 of them were out of office replies
from Harvard University, my guess is some professors who are done with
this semester. At first I was disappointed that SpamSentinel had missed

SpamSentinel Aggressive Backscatter Prevention

Some users want to aggressively stop
all Backscatter.  Using SpamSentinel version, you can
block even more Backscatter right at your Domino server.  Here are
the settings from the SpamSentinelAdmin.nsf server config document:

Admin 2008

We just got back from Admin 2008.  It
was a great show.  We are happy to see the thriving Lotus Notes and
Domino community.  Kudos for nice job go to
for putting this together.  We

SpamSentinel Stops Backscatter

Although backscatter is not spam, many
of our Lotus Notes customers complain about it to us, as they know we can
be pretty creative when stopping unwanted email.  I'll admit that
this one had us stumped for a few weeks.  We tried to find a way to
distinguish between a backscatter email and good mail.  Backscatter

Case Study of DoS attack

The flood of Non-delivery reports (also
known as
due to legitimate servers sending out non-Delivery Reports to other legitimate

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