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Version 7 of SpamSentinel Duo

I have finally approved the official release
of Version 7 of SpamSentinel Duo.   Version 7 continues to use dual
engines that work together to identify spam and viruses.  Added features
include a new look and feel as well as the ability to use our anti-virus
feature alongside another anti-virus solution without interference.  As
with Version 6.5, the perimeter like approach stops 75% of spam before
it enters your mail system.  We immediately quarantine this spam as
"Category D"  prior to delivery to  SpamSentinel
Duo blocks more spam while more correctly identifying caught valid messages.
 You can expect a 99.44% block rate!  

We have begun the roll-out of Version 7 - upgrades will take place over
the next 4 to 8 weeks.  You will hear from us via email with instructions
once the auto-update is complete.  You will need to restart the server
to activate the upgrade.  If you have particular requirements with
regard to the auto-update feature, please let me know.  To ensure
that you receive this upgrade notification, please check the License Code
tab in your SpamSentinel Configuration Document to make sure that the Administrators
Email field is correct.

If you are currently running version 6.5xx
or, it is not critical to perform this upgrade immediately.  The
spam blocking rate is very similar to that of Version 7.  Our overall
goal is to simply put all customers on the same version during the next
several months.

For customers who have opted out of the auto-update
process or for those running on Linux / iSeries, we will provide the upgrade
link via email notification.  Simply follow the installation guide
to perform the upgrade.

Our support team is available to assist with all upgrades as needed.

         MayFlower Software  
         Phone:  978.635.1700

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Frank Paolino is the Founder and President of Maysoft, Inc. He likes to blog about Email security, email viruses and general email management.