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SpamSentinel for 64 Bit Domino

I now know why 64 bit Domino is gaining
in popularity. It really gives Domino access to so many more memory resources.
Performance is not limited by the old 2 gig RAM barrier for applications.
So we are happily releasing the 64 bit version of SpamSentinel to beta
customers this week. The conversion from 32 bit to 64 bit was no fun, but
that is why they call it work!  

SpamSentinel also has less constraints
on processing, and it shows!  We are seeing much faster throughput,
past the 2 million messages per server per day mark!

We have been running this on our internal
server for 5 days and it has remained stable. It is running on our internal
mail server, a 64 bit server running Windows 2003, along with Domino version
8.0.2, where all of our mail files exist.  This is our own internal
"vote of confidence", meaning we will not release software until
we are confident enough to put it on our internal production servers, as
errors can cause dreaded work interruptions.

So, for those of you who like to have
your anti-spam and anti-virus solution run natively on the Domino server,
you can use this solution.  As before, you can expect a 99.44% block

Any customers who want this version
can call us at our main line at (978) 635-1700 or email me,
to obtain an advance copy.

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Frank Paolino is the Founder and President of Maysoft, Inc. He likes to blog about Email security, email viruses and general email management.