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Good news for Reporter Problems

Good news... we have found the problem
and shared it with IBM.

Your Lotus Domino 8.5.1 server on Microsoft
Windows crashes during cvsConvertHTMLToRichText during the conversion of
a HTML message to Rich text.

This issue has been seen with customers running Lotus Notes Traveler, Maysoft
SpamSentinel (third party), and can potentially occur with other tasks
as well.

(see IBM
Support Portal

The culprit turns out to be Transaction

It seems that the Transaction logging
"steps on" some memory. Shutting it off stops the crashes. I
know this is a performance issue and that customers like to have this on,
but as a workaround turning it off stops the crashing. The downside is
restarts after crashing take longer for consistency checks.

A picture named M2

IBM has a hotfix 851 #389  SPR
  which stops the crashes
using a workaround, too.

A final fix should arrive shortly
according to Nick Orrick from IBM.

BTW, Nick was great to work with at
IBM. He took our calls last night at 9 PM. Once he was able to reproduce
the problem on his test servers, he started working on a fix right away.

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