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New service "SpamSentinel Reputation" available for beta testing

We are testing on all of our internal
SMTP servers a new service called SpamSentinel Reputation. It is
designed to stop about 60% of traffic at HELO, reducing bandwidth and server
CPU utilization significantly. It is mostly designed to immediately stop
"zombie" computers, which send 100% spam. This means there will
be no false positives from this service.

Those messages that are not from 100%
spam sources get processed via SpamSentinel, examining content as well
as worldwide email patterns.

As this is designed to improve SpamSentinel,
there is no additional cost for this software for existing customers. Our
first rollout is to customers who process more than 50,000 messages per
server per day. This service acts effectively like an "appliance"
but without the extra hardware or the false positives.

Here is a sample from our main inbound
SMTP server (our SMTP 10 record):

SS Reputation blocks 60% of messages
at HELO, The remaining messages, about 44K are processed by SpamSentinel
on the server, filtering off 99.2% of the 60% that remain. The overall
block rate is 99.63% (397/107,661)

Most of these messages are from zombie
servers. The net result is 60% reduction in bandwidth and saving server

A picture named M2

Overall block rate is 99.63%

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