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Announcing the release of SpamSentinel version 7.7

We are pleased to announce the upcoming
release of SpamSentinel version 7.7!  

The roll-out of SpamSentinel version 7.7 will begin in mid-September.  Customers
will receive an email regarding upgrade details which will allow you to
control the timing of the upgrade based on their preference.  As
always it is our mission to offer the very best anti-spam and anti-virus
solution for Domino!

Here are the SpamSentinel version highlights that we would like to call
your attention to:

1)  All new code from our major providers:  Cloudmark,
Commtouch and Norman is included in this release.  Blocking rate continues
to average 99.6%+ with near-zero false positives!

2)  This is now our second major release supporting Domino 8.5.1
x 64 and higher
.  We have dropped support for Windows NT 4.0.

3)  FREE ADD-ON! Manage-By-Example ( MBE) Version 2.04a  -
We recommend customers use the Junk Mail folder for delivery of Undecided
Mail ( Spam B), about 4 messages per user per day.  For most customers,
this completely replaces the daily report.  To learn more, download
the installer and view a one-minute video clip:

4)  Regular Expressions are allowed by enclosing the whole
expression in double square brackets in t he Word Block Field.  For
example:  regular expression.  Regular Expressions provide
advanced searching and matching capabilities far superior to plain word
lists to further improve blocking performance.  This functionality
has also been included in our updated Policy Management function for added

5)  SpamSentinel Reporting for 64-bit installations is now
supported and included in the full installer.

6)  Policy Management features have been updated and enhanced.

SpamSentinel Version 7.7 is faster,
more accurate and more robust than ever before!

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