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SpamSentinel MBE Upgrade Released

I am pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our anti-Spam offering. SpamSentinel MBE reduces false positives and provides the end users with better control of their e-mail. MBE also replaces the Daily Report for verification of suspect messages. This upgrade merges the former MBE (which required a mail template modification) into the core SpamSentinel product to create a more accurate and user friendly spam filter.

SpamSentinel MBE is a server based product (there are NO mail template changes) that lets users better manage their email on whatever client they prefer: their Lotus Notes client, an iPhone or Android device or using Lotus iNotes.

Reduces false positives, resulting in better control of your mail.

Sent Folder
Entries from your SENT FOLDER and contacts overrides SpamSentinel and they ALWAYS show up in your Inbox.

Another new feature is automatically putting all Newsletters in one folder, reducing Inbox clutter

Junk Folder
Immediate Spam Checking in Junk Mail folder is a replacement of the daily report, which can still be delivered, but it is less important now.

Manage By Example (Preferences)
You can now change how SpamSentinel manages your mail by drag&drop actions between Inbox, Newsletter and Junk mail folder. For example, if a newsletter belongs in your Inbox, drag it there, for future delivery.

Download it Here

Watch a 60 second video to learn more about SpamSentinel MBE

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