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CryptorBit Virus

There is a new and improved version of
CryptoLocker. Version 1.0 made the makers of this ransomware a lot of money,
and this version 2.0 is, I predict, just one of many new "feature
enhanced" releases. Judging by the Bitcoin activity, there are a lot
of "willing" victims out there paying to get their files back.

BleepingComputer is doing a great job
documenting this, so I will point you there for good advice and a possible
free fix made by
Nathan Scott called
that unscrambles the 512 byte headers of these files. If you like his work,
or it saves your files, he has a PayPal link for donations. If he saved
my bacon, $20 would be an amount I would "tip" him.

Required reminder: Backup your
files, use a good anti-virus software, don't open attachments that contain
exe files, or launch exe files from zip archives.

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