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Have you been targeted by Fraud emails?

Lately, we have seen an uptick of fraudulent
emails. The fraudulent emails are only sent to one or two people in highly
targeted attacks. First they locate the names of high level executives,
Then "spoofed" message are sent allegedly from these executives
to people empowered to disburse money  They hope the recipient will
act quickly to please the executive and send money before realizing it
is a spoofed message.

Many of the messages "pretend"
to be internal, but that are really from external sources but use the display
name of a senior executive, or that have ReplyTo to an outside domain.

For example, one attack could have this sender:

"Bill Gates" <>

In most email systems, the display name is
all you see, so a reply might miss the fact that the message is going outside
the organization.

Have any of you been attacked like this?
Or in other ways?

I would love to see some samples to see the
variations on this attack. Post them below, or send to my email address

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Frank Paolino is the Founder and President of Maysoft, Inc. He likes to blog about Email security, email viruses and general email management.