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Who wants to try a Domino server addin that stops Lockey viruses?

Lots of electrons have been wasted on non-solutions or partial solutions to this problem. I won't waste more electrons, but user training is almost worthless and is not the answer. Why, you ask? Because users will open anything even if it says "please don't ever open me!" Add to the user problem the fact that these viruses are mutating frequently to avoid detection and you better get your wallet out, a Bitcoin wallet I mean, so you can pay to unlock these.

The Ransomware makers and their distributors who send these via email to your users are significantly cranking up the volume. We have seen waves of viruses sent via email 100 times normal daily volumes.

So what is our approach and why is it better? Instead of good or adequate, we prefer to think "best" as in a "Best Practices", We convert 100% of Word docs to harmless Word.docx formats which cannot contain a macro virus.

So your users who receive Invoice.doc get the same file name, now just Invoice.docx. It opens fine in Word. If it is legitimate, they process it as usual. If a virus was originally present, it is removed. In that case, all that they get is some nonsense virus message like "please enable macroses" (sic). They might ask the help desk about it but THEY CANNOT INFECT THEMSELVES with Word Macro Viruses, because we remove the macros from the Word document. It is really that simple.

What if the Word doc has a macro and it is needed? The original document is zipped with a password. They can forward the document to the help desk who will return it unzipped. Most likely, it will still be a virus and the help desk will roll their eyes and scold them, but they will have avoided a Ransomware virus infection. Or you can just add the sender to the whitelist and their documents will be passed through unprocessed.

So try to solve this with user training (the hard way), or call us and we will add an Exchange Mail Flow Connector or a Domino Server Addin and stop all Word doc Ransomware using our MacroKiller.


Email me directly at and I will setup a 10 day trial of the software and send you an Eicar test file, "WordEicarMacro". This  document is a  safe demonstration file to show how to turn Macro enabled Word  documents into harmless Word documents by converting the document into a harmless .DOCX for Word.


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