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Kenny Fraser

Scotframe Timber Engineering Ltd..

Why can't all products have Customer Service like this? 

Spam Sentinel is the only anti spam software I have used, so as an actual product I have little to compare it with. It actually does what it says on the tin (web site) with very few problems, so it gives me no reason to think about change.
What really influences me in its continuing use is the Customer Service. The customer interaction with Mayflower is far and beyond anything I have experienced before. 

The key is, I believe, that the team are extremely proactive. It's as if they are keeping an eye on things alongside you. Any query is answered and resolved very quickly and in a positive and personal manner too. To me they feel as if they really care (which they probably do). 
Their Customer Service sets the benchmark against which I compare other companies to. With few exceptions(I have to mention Citrix as being an exception)I find that a great number of companies have a lot of catching up to do and should seek to aspire to the levels of service that Mayflower give.  So keep up the good work Mayflower - you should be proud of yourselves (however  don't go resting on your laurels now)