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Benoit Doiron

Micro Action

Impeccable software + Impeccable customer service 

I have owned and operated a small IT firm for almost two decades.  We have gone through lots of products and lots of cies within that time (not talking just anti-spam tools here but rather all IT products and services).  The best way to sum up how we feel about Maysoft (makers of SpamSentinel) is by saying this : One of the things we do to improve our own practices is to take note and emulate the practices of companies that we feel are truly exceptional.  We don't have many logged as role models yet Maysoft is one of them.  I think that says it all.

On a technical note : SpamSentinel's approach to Spam (by using a Spam fighting community of people called SpamNet and not just relying on technical algorithms) is much wiser and yields much better results and absence of false positives than almost any other spam fighting tool.