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Sony Goes After the Hackers

Sony, after being hacked for over 100
million names (!!!), and  faced with this triple threat:

Osama Dead - Censored Video Leaked

I saw this on my Facebook account today
and stupidly clicked on it! Luckily (for me and my Facebook friends), Facebook
had taken down the landing page, so I escaped this one.

Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Spammers like any current event to try to improve the
"open rate" of their mail. The Royal Wedding is one of those
opportunities, and I dug this out of my spam folder. This spam is selling
Royal wedding memorabilia. The site did not accept my "fake"
credit card number, even though it was the correct 16 digits and started

Facebook deletes the Account of Kate Middleton

This "Kate Middleton" takes care
of my biking supplies as manager of ATA Cycles in Concord, Massachusetts.
She is not related to "THE" Kate Middleton, but Facebook thought
she was an imposter and took her account down.

Karate Kata Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Shotokan Kata Apps for the iPhone and


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