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Your software is not complicated enough....

OK, so here is an email that we don't get often,
but I am thrilled to receive. Serge found the install to be "flawless"
, in fact it was so easy that he was not sure it was done correctly.

Here is his email to us:

Amazon's Appstore for Android is Brilliant!

The Amazon Appstore for Android lets
you try out an app on your computer before downloading it. It is a fantastic
simulation of the way the app will look on your device. It supports screen
gestures, like finger swipes, by using a mouse drag across the screen.

Kata App now runs on Android devices

A project I started to see if I could
improve the tools available for Karate training is continuing to grow.
I have now ported the
kata app over to the Android

Facebook, spammers are in 'arms race'

A nice article from CNet News writer
Elinor Mills explains the Facebook / spammer arms race.  


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