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NotesAppStore renamed to JustForDomino

So we are re-launching the NotesAppStore

Well, I could cite the many people who
said it is not really a store, but that's not why.

Fun JibJab Holiday Card

We would like to wish everyone a safe, enjoyable
and a relaxing Holiday Season!

If you do happen to be in Orlando in January for Lotusphere 2012, be sure
to stop by our booth (#529).

Best wishes to everyone in 2012.

2 New and Undiscovered Ways to be a Social Business

From Wikipedia: The term Social Media refers
to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into
an interactive dialogue.

Thanksgiving Wishes

So here is my prayer for Thanksgiving:

A Biking Vacation

I took my first bike trip last fall, biking
through the vineyards of Burgundy region of France. I didn’t know what
to expect, or even if I would like my time being managed and told where
to go (literally).


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