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Waikiki Celebrates Hawaii's Love of Canned Spam

The WAIKIKI SPAM JAM Festival is a street festival
that celebrates the people of Hawaii's love for SPAM products a canned
meat from Hormel Foods. In Hawaii, you will find SPAM family of products
at all grocery and convenience stores, many restaurants and in most homes
in Hawaii. 

Unified by Spam - The Social Experiment

This is a fun story of a spam attack that ends
up uniting a group of people. As reported in the
Street Journal
article, a spam message

Eating Your Own Dog Food

When you work to support other people you, you
may not realize how cool the product is until you really get to use it
yourself . My name is Jason and I have worked with MayFlower to support

Lightweight Show Literature

This year at Lotusphere 2012, we are continuing
our practice of providing our "literature on a business card."
That means if our products are interesting, you can simply take a card
and get the rest of the information online, where it is always more current.

App to Locate Friends at LS2012

Kudos to Mats Jansson of
for building a really useful iPhone and iPad app to locate and connect
with friends at Lotusphere 2012.


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