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Art is Work

My daughter, Sophie Germaine, just completed a three week project making
a mural on a wall in Concord, Massachusetts. Sophie and I were at La Provence
restaurant over winter break and talked about doing something with that
wall. The "wall" really was, to Sophie, a great big blank canvas

Canned Replies for Lotus Notes

One of the most popular features of Gmail is
"Canned Responses", which are "official" answers to
Frequently Asked Questions. It allows a Help Desk or Sales staff to provide
more complete answers every time they reply. So I asked myself "Can
this be done in Lotus Notes"? Well, the answer is "Yes"
and we have done it!

Why Testing Everything is Important

So this blog is being targeted by spammers
to advertise their products. I don't get a lot of comments, so I made the
default ACL "Readers" to stop the spam overnight and moved on
to the next thing on my Agenda.

Jon Stewart on Obama Spam and Social Media

This is a pretty funny skit. Jon talks
about Social Media and email spam. I don't want to spoil the fun, but here
are a few excerpts:


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