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Mail Enhancement

Let's face it: We use email in more ways
than it was designed. It was originally a simple container for messages,
and now it is "where we live" and "where we work".
What shows up in our Inbox can dictate the work we do that day. It is amorphous
and it sometimes takes over our entire day.

A spear-phishing attack detailed: Moving from "selling" to "stealing".

Spear-phishers are increasingly attacking
large organizations, trying to steal information or money. The attacks
are getting smarter, and harder to detect as they learn what types of messages
their targets will respond to. I recently investigated a spear phishing

Monitoring my Inbox for Replies

Monitoring my Inbox waiting for a reply is
a vexing email problem that has bothered me for a long time. My coworkers
know that I am disorganized, and like to have tools to keep me on the straight
and narrow. I often send emails that require a response, but I have not

Hurricane Sandy and MX Failover

MayFlower provides MX Failover to all SpamSentinel
customers in cases of emergency, as Hurricane Sandy has proven to be.

Canned Reply for CPA and Accounting Firms

In my continuing effort to help customers
get a better return on their Lotus Notes investment, we have tuned our
Canned Reply offering for CPAs and Accounting Firms.

Let's take a look at how a CPA firm
would use Canned Replies for Lotus Notes.


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