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Increase in Virus Activity

The increase in recent Virus activity has been
noticeable, and the sophisticated techniques the virus makers use to evade
detection make the job of stopping them that much more challenging. Many
times, a new message appears and I ask "Is this some new attempt to
get me to infect my machine"? Many of my customers ask me the same

Virus Names translated from Chinese

I was interested in what the .XLS attachments
were in the SpamSentinel quarantine, so I made a view, extracted the contents
(minus the XLS extension) and let Google translate show my what these attachments

Notice to Appear in Court

Yes, the title of the blog appears
scary and that is what the senders of the email want, to scare you into
opening the message and reading the body, then launching the phony "notice".

Blocking EXE attachments is working great!

We have advised customers of SpamSentinel
for the last month to block EXE attachments, even (especially!) inside
zip files.


CryptoLocker is such an evil virus
that I wanted to create this resource of useful information and links.


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