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Poodle + Domino SSL = Mail Problems

If  you use Domino today, you effectively
cannot use SSL for email (SMTP) until the promised

IBM and Apple focus on the Enterprise

Apple is working with IBM to push into
the enterprise space. Apple really has mainly focused on the consumer market,
but products like IBM Traveler have made BYOD a reality.

Now, with IBM, Apple is going to focus
on large enterprises.

CryptorBit Virus

There is a new and improved version of
CryptoLocker. Version 1.0 made the makers of this ransomware a lot of money,
and this version 2.0 is, I predict, just one of many new "feature
enhanced" releases. Judging by the Bitcoin activity, there are a lot
of "willing" victims out there paying to get their files back.

Time-lapse of Product Showcase Taken from my GoPro Camera

I wanted to have a little fun at #IBMConnect
so I put a GoPro camera over our booth on the Product Showcase and snapped
pictures of all of our visitors over 4 days.

The Product Showcase was certainly "energized",
so I choose suitable music in the "William Tell Overture".

Refrigerators Now Send Spam as Well as Keeping it Cold

Refrigerators now do more than keep spam,
that tasty treat,  cold, they also send spam, the electronic email

That is the story of a compromised refrigerator
that sends cold "spam" to unsuspecting users via it's internet


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