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Lightweight Show Literature

This year at Lotusphere 2012, we are continuing
our practice of providing our "literature on a business card."
That means if our products are interesting, you can simply take a card
and get the rest of the information online, where it is always more current.

Another one bites the dust!

I just got this in my In-box. Although Lotus
Notes has "a nice personality" they have decided to marry someone
else, whose name is Google!

Here is the email I just received that prompted
this blog posting:

Announcing the release of SpamSentinel version 7.7

We are pleased to announce the upcoming
release of SpamSentinel version 7.7!  

Lotusphere Wrapup

The Product Showcase portion of Lotusphere
2009 was really great this year. We were fortunate to have MayFlower staff,
business partners worldwide and three customers help out at the booth.

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