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Version 7 of SpamSentinel Duo

I have finally approved the official release
of Version 7 of SpamSentinel Duo.   Version 7 continues to use dual
engines that work together to identify spam and viruses.  Added features
include a new look and feel as well as the ability to use our anti-virus


I have been working on the problem of
Spam for 5 years now.  In that time, I have seen it grow from a nuisance
(20% of email) to an avalanche, to over 90% of email.  But those numbers
don't really make the problem clear.

A Successful Lotusphere

This year, we were proud to stand at
our booth with some of our worldwide resellers. Our team at the show consisted
of Allison Cote, Sales Manager; Nick McCann, EU Technical Support Manager;
Rich Truex, customer from Rawlings Sporting Goods; Frederic Rousseaux,


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