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User Guide to Spotting Email Viruses

Guide to Spotting Viruses

The never-ending-attack on computers by viruses continues. The viruses have many ways to infect your computer, but the most popular social interaction is via email, and that is where they are concentrating their efforts.

Welcome to Maysoft, Inc.

We have changed our name as of June 1, 2016 to match our domain of

Our focus is still Email security: Stopping the latest Cryptolocker, Viruses, Spam and Fraud for organizations worldwide.


Who wants to try a Domino server addin that stops Lockey viruses?

Lots of electrons have been wasted on non-solutions or partial solutions to this problem. I won't waste more electrons, but user training is almost worthless and is not the answer. Why, you ask?

WordDOC Macro Killer

As everyone who is in IT knows, there is a ongoing
malware issue which involves malicious Microsoft Word documents that contain
virus macros. When these documents are opened via Word,  the user's
system is silently infected with a virus (normally a variant of CryptoLocker)

Have you been targeted by Fraud emails?

Lately, we have seen an uptick of fraudulent
emails. The fraudulent emails are only sent to one or two people in highly
targeted attacks. First they locate the names of high level executives,
Then "spoofed" message are sent allegedly from these executives
to people empowered to disburse money  They hope the recipient will


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