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SpamSentinel for Exchange

Working as part of your transport layer, our anti-spam/anti-virus solution works with your Exchange server to stop spam and viruses. SpamSentinel for Exchange honors your existing allow and deny lists created in Exchange.

  • Fast and accurate checking of emails for spam content and infected attachments. SpamSentinel has a proven > 99.5% blocking rate with almost no false positives.
  • Subscription based: Start blocking spam immediately after installation.
  • Access to the best support in the business. We go out of our way to ensure that you are satisfied with the product and will respond promptly to any request for assistance (just read some of our Customer Testimonials). You will receive full support during your trial period - we'll even install and configure SpamSentinel with you via screen sharing!
  • The SpamSentinel Administrator interface, which includes as an easy way to manage your white- and blacklists - so no more entering convoluted PowerShell commands.
  • Anti-Virus option to stop mail viruses at the server.
  • End user verification of suspect messages from the Junk folder - no visits to quarantine or passwords to recall
  • View our Product Screenshots to see our clean, easy to use interface
  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions or just call us and ask!


Download SpamSentinel Total Protection for Exchange