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SpamSentinel for Domino

Stopping spam and viruses for Domino servers. Our combination of great products and great support guarantees clean email. Combined with our MacroKiller software, you will not have to worry about CryptoLocker viruses infections from Word and Excel macro viruses.

Spam Filtering to make Notes & Domino Administrators' jobs easier!

SpamSentinel Total Email Protection helps keep your IBM Notes and Domino email 100% free from Cryptolocker contained in Word Documents.

As a pioneer in Domino anti-spam in 2003, we have been keeping Domino mail spam-free for 13 years!  


As companies like Symantec pull out of the Domino marketplace, we are still here providing Best-in-Class products and Support!


Exclusive Features

No False Positives with Inbox Genius:
SpamSentinel comes with our proprietary Inbox Genius, which lets users manage their Inbox after SpamSentinel has blocked the worst of the spam. 

No good mail is stopped if you have an "email" or "contact" relationship with any sender. 

You also can maintain what used to be called White lists and black lists, which we just call "preferences" by dragging messages between Inbox and Junkmail, or back again.

Domino administrators are freed up to do productive work, and no longer have to answer user questions like "Can you tell me if an important message was blocked?"

Read about Inbox Genius

MX Failover:
If you are using our on-premise solution, you can still use our MX failover service to back you up in case of power, telecommunications problems or hardware problems. We will notify you that mail is backing up on our servers. Many customers say we are often first to alert them to a problem.

Automatic Product Updates: 
SpamSentinel automatically updates itself so you have the latest protection. 


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