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About us

Frank Paolino is the Founder of Maysoft, Inc. He spends most of his time developing software, architecting all of the company's products. You can call him with product improvement suggestions, new product ideas or to compliment him on anything that you like!



Allison Cote

Allison Cote manages sales and customer support at at Maysoft. She talks to every customer we have. Her specialty is getting the customer what they want. It means a lot of "yes we can" replies to customers, which is what they want to hear. She works to make sure that all customers are being serviced.







Nick McCann

Nick McCann has been the Support Manager for UK at Maysoft and Europe for 3 years, and is the overall support manager. He has been working in various roles with Notes/Domino since version 3 back in 1995. A typical day involves handling customer support emails and calls, along with remote installations and trouble-shooting.









Dan Calkin

Daniel Calkin has been working with Maysoft since 1998. He primarily develops and maintains product installers and databases. He also handles product customizations and integrations, does consulting work, maintains internal systems and takes the occasional technical support call.








Jason Baird

Jason Baird manages our Hosted infrastructure.