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Email is the #1 Entry Vector for CryptoLocker and Viruses  


As a general observation, the Rules of Email have changed. Spam are relatively harmless sales attempts. Spam is annoying. Fraud and Cryptolocker (and its variants), however, are very costly attempts at theft. This is a veritable deluge of new viruses, 10 to 100 times the daily volume what we have seen in the past. Our response to these new outbreaks is to release fixpacks and upgrades more frequently, perhaps weekly, to respond to new attacks as they emerge.

Macro Viruses Cryptolocker and its variants are the #1 target, and this trend will continue with 100% certainty.

Why? Because the "bad guys" are making a lot of money. People are paying the ransoms, typically one Bitcoin, about $300. Stealing pays better than selling.

Malware Attempts to infect computers worldwide continues to be the number one goal. Malware that "takes over" a computer effectively allows the "bad actors" to own your computer and use it as they choose.

Spam Stealing pays better than selling, so there is less spam today than last year, as most of the new efforts are in the malware/macro area. Compared to Malware, a missed spam is not a big deal. However, a missed Malware virus is a very big deal.

Fraud This is another "growth" area for the "bad guys", pretending to be your CEO and asking for urgent payments or sensitive employee information, or the password to your domain website. This is also making a LOT of money for the bad guys.


Secure Your Email.  

Protect your Users.  

Protect your organization.